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Meet our Hygienists:

Vicky Simon has her B.S. in dental hygiene from Marquette University. She has been working for Dr. V for 27 years. Vicky works every day except for Fridays. Colleagues describe Vicky as "very thorough", "popular with patients", and "the veteran of the team". 

Melissa Robles has her A.S. in dental hygiene. She has been working for Dr. V for 11 years. Colleagues describe Melissa as "a great hygienist" and compassionate and fun to be around. Melissa works Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Rose Aquilizan-Maier has her A.S. in Dental Hygiene. She has been working for Dr. V for 11 years. Rose works Tuesday and Wednesday. Colleagues describe Rose as "a sweetheart" and "gentle and considerate with patients"



Natalya Martynenko has a B.S. in German and an A.S. in Dental Hygiene. She has been working for Dr. V for 10 years. She works Thursdays. Colleagues share that "she loves sweets" and gush "she's my favorite Russian!"

Meet our Assistants:

Maria Montalvo is a registered dental assistant (RDA) with expanded duties. She has been working with Dr. V for 28 years, the longest of any staff member. Maria works Monday- Friday. Colleagues describe her as "lively" and comment that "patients love her". Maria wins the office award for the most infectious laugh. 

              Martha Marquez received her degree in Dental Assisting from ROP. She has been working with Dr. V for 10 years. She works Monday- Friday. Colleagues describe Martha as "a hardworker", "dilligent", and "very funny". 

 Jacquelyn Arroyo-Santos is our newest staff member. She will always welcome you with a smile and she is always happy to help you with your appointment and insurance needs.  Jackie is a Registered Dental Assistant since 1999 so you might also find her helping in the back office. 

Meet our Front Office:

Pat Pauli works Monday through Thursday in the office. She's been working with Dr. V for 17 years. Colleagues describe Pat as "spunky" and "energetic".