Dr. Vertongen’s dental office offers state-of-the-art dental care and environmentally-friendly, green dentistry. 

Our priorities are patient safety, patient care and protecting the environment.  We use the safest materials the industry has to offer, the most advanced dental technologies and eco-friendly systems.

We are an eco-friendly dental office that you can trust to provide comprehensive oral care for your entire family.  Our office is committed to your safety, to preserving resources and protecting the environment.  As a part of this commitment, we have invested in a number of eco-friendly systems. We do not offer any dental restorations containing mercury and we use amalgam separators and chair-side filters to facilitate the safe removal of old amalgam fillings.  For your safety, we have installed the latest Dentaqua chemical-free dental waterline disinfections system, providing the purest water to our dental procedures. 

Furthermore, we use the following to support our commitment to green dentistry and environmental sustainability: 

-      Steam sterilization techniques

-      Environmentally sound surface disinfectants without glutaraldehyde

-      Recycling programs 

-      Digital communications with patients to reduce paper waste

-      Digital Imaging

-      Minimal use of disposable dental consumables

-      Dry vacuum system, saving significant water usage

-      Energy efficient appliances and dental equipment

-      Use of waterless hand sanitizer

-      Utilization of natural lighting




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